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History of Rochsburg Castle

On a 50-meter high rocky promontory in a most scenic valley section of the Zwickauer Mulde, Rochsburg Castle is rising majestically into the sky. Firstly mentioned in documentation around 1190, it was extended several times until the 15th century and then redesigned as a castle by builder Arnold of Westphalia. The Lords of Schönburg arranged the last changes of appearance in the middle of the 16th century. In this process, the outdoor facilities’ fortified character could be maintained in the front gate system, the Northern defence wall with its half-timbered wall-walk, the Southern defence wall and the upper gate to the inner courtyard.

Since 1911 there is a museum in the castle’s inner bailey. Many of our visitors share another special connection to Rochsburg Castle – childhood memories as the castle was home to a big youth hostel from 1932 to 1998.

Until 1945 the family of Schönburg remained the owner of Rochsburg Castle. Today it belongs to the district of Central Saxony and operated as a museum by the Mittelsächsischen Kultur gGmbH